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Freshers Party

We are providing you with various games and themes for your fresher party which are listed below:-
1) Blasting balloons: Make 8-10 sets, the match ought to resemble 1 ought to be senior and other ought to be fresher. 1 needs to fill the air in inflatable and different needs to blast it by sitting on it. The match which burst most extreme inflatables ought to be the champ.
2) Spoon race with lemon on the spoon: The individual keeping the spoon in mouth with the lemon setting on it need to race. Any number of students can play that amusement.
3) Asking mystery to the senior about the teacher: Chits having the name of seniors just ought to be kept in the bowl and fresher will haphazardly choose the chit and he/she can ask any mystery to the senior.
4) On the spot compliment grant through incline displaying: Fresher ought to be requested to do slope demonstrating and after that ask to crowd which individual having great eyes, mustaches, dimples, hair, dress. Champ ought to be granted with chocolate.
5) Taglines for seniors in the type of melody by fresher: like some senior will be approached stage and fresher will offer slogan to slogan to that individual like Kuch Hota Hai, humko dewaana Kar Gaye.
6) Mimic your teacher: Can be performed by seniors and fresher also.